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Lose the Jargon and win more clients!

If your website is filled with language that people just don't understand, or that sounds very "salesy" but doesn't really make sense, then stop it! What you write is intended for a HUMAN audience. So write it conversationally. Authentically. With your ideal clients best interests in mind. That's what will help you get more business!


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Why DIY Sites Fail

There are many reasons why inexpensive, easy-to-use website design sites don't work. Using a Wix template, I'll show you five major reasons why these templates don't help businesses get more customers, and how you can make some changes to make things work for you.


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Create Copy that Converts

One of the most effective ways of keeping people on your site and getting them to take action - sign up for a newsletter, enroll in a class, buy a product - is to have copy that speaks to your ideal customer's needs. They are coming to your site for something - a solution, a result, help...so give it to them! The key is knowing who they are and how you can help them.


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Change your messaging during a crisis

When the world is in the midst of a crisis, like a recession or the COVID-19 pandemic, speaking to people about their current problems and helping them in that context is critical. I’ll show you three examples of how to change your messaging - in a caring, non-sleazy way! - so that you can let people know how you can help them immediately. And keep your business going.

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Attract more people. Connect with them. Get more clients. Do more of what you love to do.

Learn what mistakes you can avoid and turn your website into a place that you AND your clients will love.

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