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Change your messaging during a crisis

When the world is in the midst of a crisis, like a recession or the COVID-19 pandemic, speaking to people about their current problems and helping them in that context is critical. I’ll show you three examples of how to change your messaging - in a caring, non-sleazy way! - so that you can let people know how you can help them immediately. And keep your business going.


How Case Studies help you turn prospects into loyal clients

Part of being a service provider means that some of your time – in fact, a good deal of your time – will be spent trying to convince people to hire you. You can’t turn every person you meet into a client. That’s just impossible. But there are ways to make yourself stand out, put yourself at the top of a warm (maybe even hot?) prospect’s list, and get hired. One of the best ways to do that is through case studies.

Do people understand what you do?

If people don’t understand what you do the moment they land on your website, they will leave. Having a clear, understandable, relatable and attractive message will not only keep people on your home page, it will lead them to explore the rest of your site.
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