Are stock photos ruining your brand?

Stock photos can be great assets for your marketing collateral. But when it comes to your website, they can be problematic. When people come to your website, they're looking for reasons to buy from you or hire you. And authentic photos factor very much into that decision. 

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Lose the Jargon and win more clients!

If your website is filled with language that people just don't understand, or that sounds very "salesy" but doesn't really make sense, then stop it! What you write is intended for a HUMAN audience. So write it conversationally. Authentically. With your ideal clients best interests in mind. That's what will help you get more business!

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Why DIY Sites Fail

There are many reasons why inexpensive, easy-to-use website design sites don't work. Using a Wix template, I'll show you five major reasons why these templates don't help businesses get more customers, and how you can make some changes to make things work for you.

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Create Copy that Converts

One of the most effective ways of keeping people on your site and getting them to take action - sign up for a newsletter, enroll in a class, buy a product - is to have copy that speaks to your ideal customer's needs. They are coming to your site for something - a solution, a result, give it to them! The key is knowing who they are and how you can help them. 

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Make a Logo with One Font

Creating a logo with just text is a great way of using your name or your company name and standing apart from the crowd. Many companies use their name or some form of their name as their logo - New Balance, 3M, Everlast, to name a few. So in this video, I'll show you how you can take one font and transform it into a simple, elegant and memorable logo for your business. 

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Add Video Analysis to Your Sports Coaching Website, Take Payments online

Sports coaches can't be everywhere all of the time. If you want to help your athletes improve whenever you can and from wherever you are, adding video analysis to your offerings is one way of doing just that. It's not perfect, and it doesn't replace in-person coaching, of course. But it's a great option for both your athletes and for your business.

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Add Videoconferencing to your consulting or coaching business

Like many businesses these days, you're probably moving a lot of your services online. For many coaches and consultants, this is a great way of continuing to work with clients if you can't see them in person, and, it's also another way of acquiring new clients. But before offering services through videoconferencing, make sure you have registration and payments set up on your website. 

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Change your messaging during a crisis

When the world is in the midst of a crisis, like a recession or the COVID-19 pandemic, speaking to people about their current problems and helping them in that context is critical. I’ll show you three examples of how to change your messaging - in a caring, non-sleazy way! - so that you can let people know how you can help them immediately. And keep your business going.

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Give People More Chances to Convert and they will!

If people are coming to your website and not taking action - not signing up for a newsletter, not clicking on a button to go to another page, not buying something - you’re missing out on some new business. There are many ways of remedying this situation. And in this video, I’ll show you one simple way you can start to turn things around. 

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Build it and They will come. My first online course is here!

I’m so thrilled to tell you that a small, beginner level, workshop-style course I’ve been working on is finally here! If you’ve been wanting to learn how to plan, build and design your own website, then I’ve got a course for you. It’s straightforward, easy-to-follow and you don’t need to learn any code.

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