Your website should be an inspired space…gorgeous, easy to use and the perfect visual representation of your brand. And it must help your business grow.
My simple 3-step process makes that happen.

1. Start with the Website Build and Design Plan

Required for ALL projects

No website can be created without a solid foundation. The Website Build and Design Plan is it.

What it is: an assessment, proposal, and post-launch strategy wrapped into one document, created just for you. It makes all the difference for your business when you know what you need in your site, how it’s going to be built, how it will look, and most of all, how you’ll use it to reach and convert more people.

Price: $750.00

2. Choose the design package that's right for you.

The Absolute Essentials

From $3,000.00

Beautiful and effective. Just the absolute essentials. For small businesses, old and new. Great for bloggers, too. This site packs a powerful punch.

The Essentials Pro

From $5,500.00

For well-established businesses that need more than five pages, have specific page requirements and well-defined strategic needs. This one packs a lotta punch.


Exactly $10,000

For well-established coaches and consultants who need their sites to do almost everything. Includes membership, booking, email setup and more.

3. Get a Plan that keeps you Going & Growing

Why do so many websites fail?

Because when the site design was complete, the client said, "Thank you," and the designer said, "Good luck." And that was all. They never spoke again.

I don't work that way.

After your site has launched, I stick around and monitor its progress. I back it up. I make sure it's secure. I test its speed. I fine-tune the SEO. And based on your industry and your business goals, I make suggestions on how you can enhance the site so that it is always attracting and converting.

My mission is to keep you going and growing.

*“I’ve known Mari for years and when it came time to design my website, she was my first and only choice. Mari is personable and professional and having a background as a writer, helped our collaboration tremendously. It’s easy to overlook the importance of copy, but the words are as important as the visual contents and design. Mari brings her A-game to everything that she does.

Mari is very detail-oriented and did not settle until both she and I were happy. She also gently nudged me along, making sure I delivered her material for the site. I have gotten many compliments on the superior quality of Simplified Media.”*

~ BEN MACMILLAN, Founder & CEO, Simplified Media, Inc.

Phenomenal things happen when you have a website you love

A nice website is just that: nice. A great website is one takes you to a whole new level.

When you have a site that you love, you:

• Connect more with your ideal customers
• Hand out your business cards and website address with pride, without hesitation
• Pop to the top of search engine results without gaming the system
• Grow your business in a manner that fits your values, your mission and your style
• Spend more time focusing on what you love to do

When you launch, you will feel as proud as a peacock!

Shall we work together?

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