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    Everything you need to know about my Website Build & Design Plan. And more.

The Website Build & Design Plan Details

An assessment, a proposal, a blueprint and a strategy all wrapped in one. Created and customized just for you. Here’s what’s in it:

  • The Assessment ⇢

    This is an evaluation of where you are, what has worked and what isn’t working, and most importantly, WHY. A list of your goals, and why the current site (or whatever you’re using if you don’t yet have a website) isn’t working as well as you want. This will also take into account business challenges you face and need to address, and how the website can address those issues.

  • The Proposal ⇢

    What I propose you do. Taking your goals and your needs into account, I’ll write up a simple yet detailed set of proposed ideas for your new site. This will include the number of pages, the kinds of features you will need and the overall style and tone of your site. It will also include suggestions for images that are attractive and compelling and visually communicate your message and value.

    Also in the proposal: I’ll create a site map for you with details on what content needs to go on each page. I will also give you layout suggestions so you really understand how your new site can look and function.

  • The Post-Launch Strategy ⇢

    This is a list of tips and suggestions for using your site to increase your reach, expand your audience, and better connect with your ideal customers. It also includes suggestions on how to use social media to connect with your audience and help you stand out. I also give tips on keeping your site up-to-date and backing it up.

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If I pay for the B&D Plan, do I have to hire you?

No. You can use it if you know enough about building and designing websites yourself. Or if want to work with another designer. But everyone I’ve put this through has become a client. It does make work for both of us easier since we’ll be on the same page.

Do you take on clients who don’t buy the plan?

Yes. But those clients have a similar document that makes it absolutely clear to me who they are, what they do, what they need and how they want their website to look and function. These clients are rare; most people, even those who have had a website for a number of years, still need a lot of guidance and discussion before the building and the design of their site begins.

I don’t have a logo. Can you design one for me?

Yes. But I’m not really a logo designer. I usually create simple text-based logos for clients. There is an extra charge for this. Or, if you want, you can hire a logo designer for your project. I suggest having a logo designed BEFORE the design starts.

How long does it take for you to create a website after I’ve gotten my plan?

The Absolute Essentials Website, which is four pages, takes 1 – 2 weeks. The Custom-Designed Website sites takes up to a month, sometimes longer because it depends on your requirements.

Can you explain the process if I hire you after buying the B&D Plan?

Sure. If we agree to work together, I’ll send you an agreement that outlines our work and states the finish date. I’ll invoice you for 50% of the project fee to start. The final 50% is due right before we launch the site. And don’t forget, you get to put the fee of the plan toward any of my design service packages.

Can I skip the questionnaire and do everything on the phone with you?

No. The questionnaire lays the foundation for our work together. It also makes the 90-minute call much more focused and productive. After doing this for a number of years and fine-tuning the process, this approach process works best for me and my clients.

If I don’t like the plan you’ve created for me, can I get my money back?

Sorry, no. Much work and discussion goes into the creation of the plan, including work you’ve put into it. You have an important role in its creation which means, if you don’t like or agree with the final version, then we’ve really misunderstood one another. The chance of that happening is slim to none.

Other questions?

Contact me.

Hi! I’m Mari.

I created the Website Build and Design Plan to make the process of planning and creating a business website easier, more efficient and most of all, clearer, to small business owners. A solid plan and practical strategy are what make a website effective. I have used this process for many years and have seen my clients grow. If you’re ready for your new site, let me know!

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Stop guessing what works. Start working with a solid foundation.

Enough said. By now, you know the ins and outs and everything else. Come on. Let’s do this.