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Synergy Advisors, LLC, is a boutique investment banking firm based in Southern California that specializes in mid-sized companies in the healthcare and IT industries, providing services to entities that are normally underserved by the large investment banking groups.

Synergy asked me to redesign their site which hadn’t changed much since it first launched a number of years ago. They asked for a responsive site, as well as a site that better articulated their mission and how they serve their clients. For Synergy it was critical that they have a site that immediately conveyed trust and authentically highlighted their vast expertise. Through unique, Southern California-style imagery, succinct copywriting, inserting testimonials from major transactions and improving the content’s overall organization, we produced a well-rounded and intriguing site that is helping Synergy acquire clients with greater ease.

Project Details

Client Synergy Advisors LLC
Services Website Redesign, Copy editing, Content Strategy

Prestige Banking in Southern California

The banking industry is a highly competitive one. And while many people associate banking, particularly investment banking, with New York City, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong, there are smaller yet equally impressive firms in Southern California who provide the same services to small- and medium-sized companies with positive results. Synergy Advisors, LLC, is one such firm.

Through a combination of unique images from the healthcare and medical industries, and excellent copywriting, we put together a site that I think highlights Synergy’s Los Angeles location as well as its strong familiarity with the healthcare and IT industries.

We also freshened up the site with new photos of the Team, which were done beautifully in natural light, just outside the firm’s office. And by using a variety of fonts and colors influenced by the company’s logo, we were able to create a site that is packed with vital information yet easy to read.

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Using space efficiently to contain content

There is a lot of information on the Synergy site that, if simply put on a blank page would not only look boring, it could easily get overlooked. By dividing the firms main services into three separate sections, then placing them in dropdown boxes (sometimes called toggles), we were able to bring the visitor’s eye first to the firm’s main services, then prompt the user to click on the plus icon to read more.

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