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Project Description

Based in Southern California and serving startups throughout the state and beyond, Simplified Media, Inc. is a new company that produces videos primarily for startups in the high-tech industry. Founded by Ben McMillan, Simplified Media translates complex ideas into clear, easy-to-understand videos for organizations that need a way to explain what they do to potential investors as well as to the intended users of their products.

Project Details

Client Simplified Media, Inc.
What I Did Concept development, Strategy, Writing & Design
Details Rapidweaver, Foundation

Case Studies make a huge difference

Offering case studies was one of the most important parts of this new site. By providing clear and interesting case studies, Simplified Media shows what kinds of videos is produces. And more importantly, how it helps solve problems and produces positive outcomes for its clients. This video for Profusa’s Lumee device helped Profusa get more funding and exposure.

Testimonials Add Credibility

It goes without saying that social proof is important on a website. It also puts a very credible stamp on your work. Simplified Media’s satisfied clients stated clearly and specifically what Ben and his team had achieved for them. This adds to Simplified Media’s trustworthiness and potential for getting new clients.

Screenshot of testimonial on Simplified Media Inc. website
Ben McMillan of Simplified Media Inc.
Ben McMillan of Simplified Media behind the camera
Closeup of Canon camera used by Simplified Media Inc.

Images that tell stories, and set Simplified Media apart

One of the most important parts of the entire Simplified Media Inc. site was getting good pictures. It’s a company that is all about visuals. And the irony is that many people in this industry take great pictures. But they seldom take pictures of themselves on set! I had to push Ben to remind himself to get great shots of him working as well as others of his equipment and work process. This is important because great images, still or moving, always tell compelling, insightful and memorable stories about a business.

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