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Black and white image of NPA West coach with radar gun and pitcher on mound
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Project Description

The NPA West (National Pitching Association West) has been the home base of its parent organization, the National Pitching Association, for a number of years. Based in Santa Ana, Southern California, the NPA West works with pitchers of all levels to help them become stronger, faster, more accurate in the strike zone, and mentally better prepared to handle the pressures of the game. The NPA West wanted a new website to house their schedule of regular workouts, specialized clinics and shop. The result is a site that helps them take care of business such as signups and sales, while Randy and Charlie work with the best players in the game.

Project Details

Client The NPA West
What I Did Copywriting, Development & Design, Content Strategy
Resources Wordpress

Pictures that tell stories and convert

  • Radar gun up close 96 mph and pitcher in distance
  • NPA West Coach with athletes
  • Pitcher on clay mound at NPA West throwing
  • NPA West Coach radar gun measuring pitcher speed on mound
  • NPA West coach working with athletes

Because the NPA West is no ordinary baseball organization - they work only with pitchers, and they have developed proprietary methods that not only improve pitchers but help them avoid serious injuries - it was critical to get great pictures of the coaches and players in their state-of-the-art Santa Ana facility.

A store that attracts and sells

The NPA West needed a solid e-commerce solution to sell their physical products as well as spots to their specialized clinics, camps and workouts. Great photography, descriptions, SSL, and a flexible e-commerce setup allows the organization to promote their goods, sell them, make more money and focus on what they love to do most: coach.

NPA West merchandise screenshot
NPA West black hat
NPA West weighted balls kit
NPA West black cords
NPA Weset athletes working out on field with small weights

Testimonials make a massive difference

It goes without saying that testimonials are a necessary component of any website these days. But the things that the NPA West’s clients say about them are just amazing. They are specific, they are heartfelt, and they are convincing. In the end, they state that working with the NPA West is one of the greatest investments a pitcher could possibly make.

“What you guys are doing for young men is remarkable. You have such knowledge and ability to translate the technical aspects of the game, and the material is so practical. It’s really remarkable the craft you have honed. You are great ambassadors of the sport. But more than that, you are such men of character and clearly demonstrate the best forms of leadership by teaching, correcting and reinforcing all while demonstrating genuine care for the success of each man. You taught me as a leader and I have been leading people for years. I came away a better leader by simply being around you both. Andy is working hard and if he keeps this up (he doesn’t know it yet) but I am going to try and bring him back to you guys for a few days in late summer…He has to do the work, he knows, and only he can decide if he wants it badly enough, but last week changed him for the good. Thanks so much for doing what you do, and especially for the way you do it. Bob Bean

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