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6 Ways to Prevent Your WordPress site from getting hacked

WordPress is great! It’s free. It’s open source. Anyone who wants to build and design a website can have one thanks to WordPress. Including hackers!! So if you want to keep your WordPress site safe, here are a few ways you can do that. They’re simple, free and straightforward.

In Conclusion…
There is nothing worse than a hacked site! But now you know there are a few ways to prevent that from happening in the first place. yes, WordPress is vulnerable. But if you treat it with good care, backup your site often, and keep an eye on it, you should be fine. The tips I mentioned in the video – knowing where your most recent backup is, installing security plugins and using reCaptcha with forms, are just a few simple ways to safeguard yourself from evildoers. No site is 100% safe but the best sites are the ones that owners take care of and maintain on a regular basis.


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