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Create a 404 Page that Keeps People on your site

How many times have you landed on a 404 Error page and just left? The 404 Error page is indeed, an unattractive page. It tells you that you’ve reached a dead end: a page that doesn’t exist at all or anymore. Most people who arrive at a 404 page leave the site without looking around. As a business owner, it’s important that people – even those who aren’t looking for what you offer – stay on your site. Because, who knows? They might know someone who IS looking for your products or services and will share your site with others.

So, how do you get a 404 error page to work for you? Watch this video.

In conclusion

A 404 Error page can actually work to your advantage. If you tell your visitor that they’ve arrived at a dead end but that it’s okay, and you have plenty of information about your website right there, then the chances they’ll look around multiply. This is a page that is often overlooked, and what a shame! Any time you can get your visitors to stick around, browse your site and maybe even purchase from you, you have done well!

So if you haven’t got a great 404 page already, make that a priority today.

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